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Ficción, Fantástico | 30´| Cuba | 2021


Walfrido, un solitario inspector eléctrico, sueña con la Mujer Roja, cuya imagen persiste y se convierte en obsesión. Algo le dice que está cerca. En el transcurso de un día, Walfrido seguirá su rastro mientras recorre los suburbios de una ciudad infestada.


Equipo de producción

Intérpretes: Mario Guerra, Laura Molina, Neisy Alpízar, Jorge Enrique Caballero, Jorge Molina

Dirección: José Luis Aparicio

Producción: Leila Montero

Producción ejecutiva: Leila Montero, José L. Aparicio, Gabriel Alemán & Daniela Muñoz

Guion: Carlos Melián Moreno

Dirección de fotografía: Gabriel Alemán

Edición: Joanna Montero

Sonido Directo: Glenda Martínez Cabrera

Diseño de banda sonora: Glenda Martínez Cabrera

Dirección de Arte: Pepe Reyes

VFX: Daniel Alemán



Premier mundial: Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, 2021

Premier norteamericana: Sundance Film Festival, 2022


Santa Fe Film Festival, USA, 2022

SHORT to the Point, Romania, 2022

The Paus Premieres Film Festival, UK, 2022

Miami Film Festival, USA, 2022

Pendance Film Festival, Canada, 2022

San Diego Latino Film Festival, USA, 2022

Houston Latino Film Festival, USA, 2022

Uruguay International Film Festival, Uruguay, 2022

Fantaspoa, Brazil, 2022

BAFICI, Argentina, 2022

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, USA, 2022

Galacticat – Fantastic and Terror Film Festival in Tàrrega, Spain, 2022


Best Cinematography / Best Production Design – Tundra – SHORT to the Point, Romania



"There are films that demand honesty and Tundra does so in a refreshingly uncompromising way. It's an absolutely wondrous film, a film both deep in meaning and exuding a full-on sensory experience. If you get a chance, definitely check it out."

"Tundra" an Unforgettable, mesmerizing short. Por Richard Propes para The independent critic


"Tundra isn’t the easiest film to get a handle on. The story ostensibly follows a day in life of Walfrido (Mario Guerra) in which he searches for the woman who haunts his dreams, goes about his job demanding arrears from destitute families for electricity fraud, and grows increasingly concerned about the giant slug growing and occupying ever more space in his home. Quite how these elements fit together in service of the plot remains intentionally unclear, but they coalesce to create the irresistible reality of José Luis Aparicio’s weird allegorical science-fiction noir.

"Tundra es una película debidamente oscura sobre una realidad oscura y oscurecedora en la que el rojo es tóxico (como la sublimación de un metaloide extraterrestre) y muy gótico."

José Luis Aparicio, "Tundra", y el simbolismo de la desesperanza. Por Alberto Garrandés en RIALTA MAGAZINE


Although a short film, Tundra covers the bases with world-building and allegorical imagery that could intrigue audiences into wanting to see more from director José Luis Aparicio Ferrera. He accomplishes more than many may be capable of with a longer runtime. His vision is clear and seems intentionally open to interpretation in the best way possible. He presents questions and leaves them for us to ponder.

Tundra: An imaginative Sci-Fi Extension of Our World (Sundance Movie Review). Por Davis Clark para Horrorgins.


"Walfrido dreams of the Red Woman, whose image persists and becomes an obsession. Something tells him she is near. Over the course of a day, Walfrido will follow her trail as he travels through the suburbs of an infested city. Mixing horror, fantasy, science-fiction and neo-noir elements, and influenced by the work of directors like Lynch, Argento, Cronenberg, De Palma and Zulawski. Premieres January 20, 8:00 AM PST."





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